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Structural health monitoring of wind turbines

DNV offers a range of tools and services to help you with the safety and maintainability of critical structures, enabling you to maximise and extend their operating lifetime.

It’s important to have the right monitoring system to oversee and guarantee safe operations and extend the lifetime of your wind turbines. At DNV, we can provide solutions that are developed and implemented to match the specification of your specific turbine designs.

We can offer assistance and support to meet all your requirements – from developing an observational method to the realisation of your complete monitoring system.

Services we offer
Our services focus on: 

  • The development of the monitoring system and the conceptual design
  • Development and provision of a measurement concept/system:
    • Selection of suitable sensors
      • Scour monitoring
      • Corrosion monitoring
    • According to customers demand
    • Installation
    • Maintenance/repair
    • Data recording and analysis
    • Periodic reporting
  • Determining the limits for expected structural behaviour
  • Notification alerts –in case of exceeding predefined maximum values and preparation of action plan
  • Ongoing and final monitoring documentation