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Strength assessment of hull structures – POSEIDON

Concentrate on designing with efficient dimensioning support.

POSEIDON is an integrated software for the strength assessment of ship hull structures. The ship design process is made more efficient through the software’s compact yet powerful modelling functions and its comprehensive analysis capabilities. Many years of continuous enhancements driven by ship builders worldwide have made it the preferred choice for many naval architects at yards and engineering companies. 

What you get

  • A design and dimensioning tool that can be used throughout the engineering process 
  • Low training requirements – no specialised knowledge of FE techniques needed 
  • Full 3D modelling scope can be covered, but modelling and analysis of complex midship sections is possible in less than a day 
  • Fully automatic determination of initial scantlings
  • All rule sets and ship types relevant for 100A5 hull approval (including CSR) are covered
  • Direct analysis using FE techniques and user-definable loads are included
  • Modelling of complete symmetrical or asymmetrical hull structures to ice class
  • Special tools are included for hatch cover assessment

Hull structure analysis

POSEIDON improves productivity and lowers costs in structural design. You will benefit from improved ship quality for your customers and yard productivity, both  by promoting the optimised distribution and weight of structural material and by speedier approval times via electronic transfer and processing.

Key benefits of POSEIDON software

  • Save time during the design phase, or increase the productivity of your yard
  • No redundant data input – all input values are required only once, are re-used and stored in a single file
  • Full integration of complete prescriptive checks based on local and longitudinal strength calculations with all the required yield, buckling and fatigue assessments
  • Full integration of cargo hold FE analysis with yield, buckling and fatigue checks
  • All required sets of loading conditions and load cases are automatically covered
  • Rapid changes in structural layout and fast full re-analysis to promote the optimisation of the design 
  • Full model transfer from NAPA Steel implemented, including returning of results
  • Integrated model checks

POSEIDON and customer tools


Nauticus Hull

Software for strength assessment of hull structures