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Strategy and business planning for telecommunications

Leveraging the strength of communications infrastructure

Deregulation in the power utility and telecommunications sectors offers both opportunities and challenges to energy companies worldwide. With greater competition in the marketplace, energy firms are seeking ways to operate more efficiently, generate additional revenue, and enhance enterprise value.

With recent regulatory changes, power utilities, transmission companies and distribution companies have the opportunity to leverage their traditional strengths in developing and perhaps commercializing their communications infrastructure.

Business and technical decisions for critical telecommunications and networking
DNV helps clients make effective and efficient business and technical decisions for critical telecom and networking infrastructure. With specialization in wireless, mobile and wire-line systems, we are helping utilities worldwide to:

  • develop their communication infrastructure to address legal and regulatory allowance and trend
  • understand demand and market forecasts
  • perform competitive assessments
  • strategize service development and offerings
  • determine optimal rates and tariffs
  • assess infrastructure needs
  • analyze organizational considerations
  • plan and implement financial strategies
  • conduct telecoms asset valuation / due-diligence
  • attend to litigation and arbitration proceedings.

Our customized services focus on strategic planning, market trend evaluations and infrastructure and systems analysis. We help clients develop the capital to finance the infrastructure. We also can provide specialized experts to augment and train current staff to ensure successful implementation of new systems and services.