Smart grid interoperability

Integration, testing, and compliance certification to manage grid technology risks.

Smart grid products and services are emerging from a growing number of suppliers. Smart grid program success will rely on the deployed technologies’ end-to-end integration and compatibility—one that is driven and sustained by compliance with uniform standards. DNV helps energy industry participants navigate to-be-defined smart grid interoperability standards and manage risks of deploying and integrating new technologies with existing assets.

DNV has developed the Smart Grid Interoperability Laboratory to provide the utility industry and key suppliers a platform for managing risk exposure, verifying business case projections, and securing a more effective and efficient smart grid deployment.

Smart Grid Interoperability Laboratory: validating smart grid technology, overcoming risks
DNV’s Smart Grid Interoperability Laboratory leverages our 80-plus years of experience as a leading independent provider of high- and medium-voltage testing and certification, and technical and management consulting to the global energy and utility industry.

Our advanced test facility offers independent verification of device interoperability. It also offers validation of low-voltage automation devices, meters, and consumer products compliance with evolving smart grid standards. The Interop Lab provides flexibility and innovation within existing smart grid programs and configurations-to address the evolving status of a national smart grid interoperability framework.