Revised Construction Products Regulation

Laying down harmonised conditions for the marking of construction products

The New Construction Products Regulation (nCPR), that will replace and repeal the previous Regulations, takes into account various shortcomings of the existing regulation, especially around failure to fully achieve a single market for construction products and implements the requirements coming from the European Green Deal, & Circular Economy Action Plan to ensure the role of the nCPR as of the EU efforts towards energy and resource efficient buildings and sustainability of construction products on the single market.

Importantly, the nCPR expands the scope of the existing CPR substantially, with explicit inclusion of 3D printed products, reused construction products and prefabricated buildings. In addition, it brings several important requirements, which are changed and expanded from the original CPR, especially with regard to sustainability requirements.

This regulation applies to all manufactures of construction products (and their economic operators, such as importers and authorised representatives) who wish to make available for sale or place these products on the market of the EU (European Union) or EEA (European Economic Area.)

Following the departure of the United Kingdom from the European Union and Economic Area, special rules apply for the placing of construction products on the markets of the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland.

DNV is an Accredited and Notified Body for Construction Products Regulation and will continue to offer certification services under the new Construction products Regulation.

This offering is part of the wide DNV sustainability services portfolio that includes validation of Environmental Performance, Carbon Foot printing and Supply-chain traceability services. In addition, DNV offers a unique Digital Product Passport service to its customers, which enables them to meet the requirements for digital availability of compliance information, as well as additional communication and post-market traceability services.

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