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Power performance testing of wind turbines

Determine the power curve of your wind turbine generator in accordance with recognised standards.

The power curve is one of the most important characteristics of a wind turbine generator. For manufacturers, a measurement report that shows strong performance can be a powerful sales tool. For operators and investors, the power curve of a generator is a key parameter of the economic value of a wind project. In both cases it is highly recommended to have the measurement performed according to recognised standards, and by an independent testing body.

This is where DNV can help you. We have extensive experience in providing measurements on individual turbines and entire wind farms alike, and continue to be at the global forefront of collaborative research projects, as well as the development of standards and guidelines like IEC 61400-12-1.

Some of our own R&D is helping to establish remote sensing technology like LiDAR as a measurement tool for turbines with great hub heights, which yields a better characterisation of the wind field in the rotor plane, and reduces costs of measurement masts.

Our services include:

  • Performance optimization measurements on prototypes
  • Verification of guaranteed power curves with nacelle anemometry
  • Site calibration in complex locations
  • Analysis of meteorological conditions throughout measurement periods, e.g. through parallel measurements using SODAR or LiDAR
  • Complete logistical support for acquiring various permits
  • Evaluation of yaw control, rotational speed and pitch angle characteristics of a wind turbine
  • Measurement campaign consultations and site evaluations

Additionally, we have the following services available for entire wind farms: 

  • Optimization of measurement systems for site specific requirements
  • Combined use of measurement procedures and modelling using 3D flow models
  • Power performance guarantee contractual consultation

List of flexible accredited services of GL Garrad Hassan Deutschland GmbH, Testing Laboratory no. PL-11134-01. The testing laboratory PL-11134-01 with its two locations is accredited for the flexible scope category 3. Download the list here.

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