PMS RCM (Planned maintenance system - reliability centred)

PMS RCM survey arrangement is an alternative to planned maintenance (PMS) that is only based on maintenance recommendations from the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM).

Today, there is a common understanding and expectation in the industry that, in order to achieve the required safety level and integrity for the equipment, OEM maintenance recommendations should be followed. These recommendations are sometimes conservative and in many cases not based on operational experience, they are only estimates based on the design and suggested operation.  

PMS RCM follows a proactive maintenance approach that utilizes operational experience when developing and improving maintenance activities. Read more in our rules "DNVGL-RU-OU-0300" available here.

imager37se.pngMaintenance management process ref. NORSOK Z-008 

The main benefits you will get with PMS RCM:

With PMS RCM, you utilize your experience of the equipment and, using well-established RCM methodology, the maintenance focuses on the equipment's actual condition (CBM) and the function's risk impact.

  • Improves maintenance effectiveness and provides a mechanism for managing the maintenance with a high degree of control and awareness
  • Maintenance activities can be optimized based on cost, equipment reliability and risk impact
  • Enables the use of sensor data for equipment monitoring, diagnostics and prognostics