Pipeline asset integrity, simulation and optimization

Solutions for design, operational performance and optimization of pipeline networks

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Asset integrity

Business performance is closely tied to how well operational risk is managed within an organization. In oil and gas, performance and operational risk levels are highly dependent upon the integrity of the assets throughout the value chain. This includes for example subsea equipment, structures, platform topsides, gas processing plants, refineries, pipelines, compressors and gas distribution networks. The Synergi asset integrity software suite provides the core platform to support effective risk-based integrity management that helps reduce unscheduled downtime or incidents due to asset failure.

Asset simulation and optimization

The performance of oil, gas and water pipelines and distribution networks are governed by the original design decisions and by operational behaviours and optimization capabilities. The Synergi asset optimization product line, built on industry-leading hydraulic modelling, provides a comprehensive range of solutions for design, operational performance and optimization, including online systems such as leak detection in liquid and gas pipelines.

Your benefits

  • Asset information management, one shared database for asset properties and inspection data
  • Consistent integrity methodology applied across all assets using industry-leading analytics and risk assessment
  • Process management with full audit trail implemented for corporate operating procedures and legislate compliance requirements
  • Design and operational planning to optimize pipeline performance
  • Realistic operator training and qualification tools to improve performance and safety
  • Real-time leak detection solutions facilitating accurate, fast and effective decision-making in the emergency response process