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Personalized Energy Plans (PEP talks)

Interactive energy audits are transforming the relationships between customers and their utilities.

DNV’s PEP Talks provides utilities with a simple way to engage with customers, integrate them into the energy savings process, and develop one-on-one relationships in ways that were never before possible. Utility customers are eager for ways to save money and conserve energy at their properties. Our modernized approach to the in-person energy audit gives utilities the capability to do both of these, while also reducing risk and operational cost for themselves.

How it works
Once paired with a utility energy advisor, customers are given expert insights into their building’s energy performance. This is done via smartphone or tablet in our interactive platform which is driven by a video-based customer experience. The property owner simply clicks on a link sent to their mobile device without the need to even download an app onto their device.

During the visit the energy advisor gets a live view from the customer perspective itself. In addition to standard functionality, our platform also has advanced capabilities including Optical Character Recognition (OCR), a technology which enables the energy advisor to capture barcodes on specific equipment to identify whether a device qualifies for an instant incentive. Features like this allow the utility to offer an individualized approach for each customer and ultimately grow the long-term relationship.

Personalized Energy Plans - Visual

The power of the remote energy audit
This past year has proven the performance of DNV’s remote solutions like PEP Talks. Even before our global health challenge, utility visits to properties could be a headache as they present challenges like adverse driving conditions, allergens, unpredictable pets, and on-site hazards. Those challenges are compounded for those utilities servicing remote areas. DNV PEP Talks solves those issues while driving modernization of the home energy audit. Now a utility not only eliminates time to reach a property, but can also complete the experience inside one hour, opening the potential for a higher volume of consultations. This means ease of scheduling, saving more energy and offering your customer a far more engaging process for enhanced trust.

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Personalized Energy Plans

DNV’s PEP Talks provide utilities with a simple way to engage with customers. Download the brochure to learn more.



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