My Care™: a robust and agile approach to infection risk management

Improve how you manage and mitigate infection risk with DNV’s My Care™ methodology. Create confidence in your current operations and build long-term business resilience.

My Care is a comprehensive approach based on DNV’s hospital standards, industry best-practices and risk management competence. It helps any company build a foundation aligned with national requirements and provides a robust and agile approach to infection risk management. It helps you take your infection risk management one step further. By supporting a company’s structured approach to the development and implementation of infection risk management, My Care provides the business resilience needed to operate effectively in the long term and to adapt to changing circumstances.

The My Care methodology

Proprietary to DNV, the My Care methodology is developed specifically to assess your company’s infection risk management compliance and maturity by applying a hospital-grade standard and system. It is firmly founded on our:

  • infection risk management approach used by hospitals to ensure patient safety;
  • risk management knowledge;
  • HSE management systems expertise;
  • maturity approach ISRS™ (The International Safety Rating System), which is a world-leading system used to assess, improve and demonstrate the health of an organization’s business processes. 

Independent assessments provide valuable knowledge and deep insights into your company’s performance, actual ability to manage infection risks and capabilities needed. Gaging the maturity of your infection risk prevention and mitigation measures, My Care considers all aspects and activities covering:

  • infection prevention and/or controls;
  • emergency preparedness, policies and procedures related to outbreaks;
  • process compliance to national and international rules as well as industry-wide best practices.


Advocating a structured approach, where continual improvement and monitoring is essential, My Care builds confidence into your own infection risk management capabilities and ability to quickly address change. Designed to drive lasting system and policy changes in your risk management framework and management systems, it builds long-term organizational resilience.

Independent verification to My Care assesses current performance and identifies improvement areas. By verifying that your organization has understood and implemented required processes, confidence is built into your infection risk management capabilities. You can reassure all employees, customer and other stakeholders of your capabilities and ability to continue business in a safe and trusted way. 

How does it work

My Care measures readiness and maturity across 6 different dimensions: 

  1. Governance
    Responsibility and roles of the top management within any organization as it relates to issuing policies, corporate culture development, spreading awareness, risk management and the allocation of resources to mitigate infection risk.
  2. Strategy
    Detailed planning process in the development of goals and objectives addressing all the components to achieve the desired end goal of infection risk mitigation. 
  3. Communication
    Identification and management of channels, target audience, both internally and externally. 
  4. Actions
    Addresses a structured and vetted way of handling and preventing infection issues. Based on policies, strategies and planning, you will find all the means to manage flow of actions. 
  5. Data analysis
    Related to defining, setting up, measuring and monitoring infection metrics and all the parameters allowing an organization to understand the real status of its planned roadmap. 
  6. Continuous improvement
    Process to update and make the organization more efficient, updating roles, processes and tools to achieve the target level of performance.

The detailed assessment report outlines your maturity profile, highlighting where you perform well and where there is room for improvement. This includes a clear definition of priorities to be significantly improved.

Our offering

You can choose between or combine types of assessments:

  • Readiness assessment.
    Shows your preparedness against the benchmark-level, which is a necessity to have an agile, resilient infection risk management in place. 
  • Maturity assessment.
    Provides more details on your profile and level on the maturity scale. This can provide added insight to support continual HSE and maturity level improvements.

To help you communicate confidence to employees, customers and other stakeholders, you get a verification statement and a dedicated digital trust mark to display on premises, websites or other touchpoints. The mark can be digitally linked to the verification statement and data stored on our blockchain to ensure its immutability and integrity.

All assessments are conducted by DNV experts with competence matching the My Care methodology:

  • ISRS trained consultants for maturity approach;
  • ISO 45001 lead auditors for risk management knowledge;
  • Harmonized by specific delivery training on methodology;
  • Supported as required by DNV healthcare professionals in the US, Europe and Asia.

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