Midstream energy efficiency incentive programs

Balance your portfolio with a midstream incentive program before making buying decisions

Utilities are constantly striving to find ways to expand program reach, lower the costs of delivering energy efficiency savings to commercial and industrial customers, and create new ways to engage customers. With a turnkey midstream program, utilities can reach customers when and where they make equipment buying decisions, increase energy savings and program participation by delivering incentives through distributors and contractors. DNV's incentive program is designed to provide a direct conduit to customers who are harder to reach with other types of energy efficiency programs. We provide strategic support to help utilities design a program and incentive structure that aligns with local market conditions and accelerates measure adoption.

Our approach includes:

  • Program design that reduces free ridership and mitigates double-dipping
  • Customized program design
  • Program start-up plan
  • Distributor sales strategy
  • Marketing plan with sample collateral
  • Rigorous quality control to support evaluation requirements
  • Ongoing consultation, implementation, and reporting to ensure optimal results
  • Stringent validation requirements and design to complement existing programs

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