Marine operations and surveys

Practical solutions to complex challenges in the marine environment

From compliance to capability 

Simply complying with regulatory requirements is not enough to differentiate your vessel on the market and showcase its capability for the industrial mission. Performing assurance activities on the vessel’s capability and operating philosophies is essential to ensure they fulfill not only the design and role requirements, but are also operated in a way that minimizes risk.

From general to mission-specific 

A generic approach to assure a vessel’s suitability is not sufficient. DNV has a unique breadth and depth of experience that allows us to provide a versatile and adaptable marine advisory service with mission-specific insights.

Focus on efficiency and availability 

Our experts have experience with the full range of offshore and marine infrastructure, vessels, mobile units, and most associated offshore activities. Our global network allows us to deliver our specialist expertise locally, wherever your projects and operations are based.

From pre-purchase/pre-hire condition surveys to mission-specific assurance, we work closely with your personnel to support your management of offshore operations risks, improve equipment performance and procedures, and develop effective solutions for operational challenges. 

What we do:

  • Vessel assurance and marine surveys (OVID, CMID, on/off-hire, condition, suitability)
  • Towing Vessel Approval Scheme (TVAS): Demonstrating capability of offshore towing and support vessels, utilizing remote survey and the DNV Direct© platform, to increase accessibility and efficiency. Get direct access here.   
  • Provision of highly skilled and experienced marine personnel, including for example Client Marine representatives, HSE representatives, Technical Authorities as well as subject matter experts in specific disciplines, for example, tow masters. 
  • General marine consultancy and training services. 
  • Advisory services for rig moves, float-over operations, FPSO relocations, mooring operations, offshore heavy lifts, subsea power cable installations and all operations related to offshore wind farms. 
  • DP assurance- and Mission-Specific Element advisory services. Ensuring robustness of your station-keeping and mission-critical elements such the ballast system, the cranes and the inclusion of complex systems for pipe and/or cable installation. 
  • Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA) on various systems, including verification and validation against the latest industry guidance and best practice, for example, DP, HSC Code, RP notation, Dive, and ROV systems. 

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