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Life extension of offshore bottom fixed installations

All the software you need to document structural reserve strength for life extension.

We’ve created three packages to do Life Extension work of bottom-fixed installations. They are the ‘Jacket collapse package’, ‘Jacket reserve strength package’ and ‘Jacket life extension package’ based on what our existing customers use, making it easier to decide what’s right for you. A vital part of life extension is to assess the structure and its loadings as is and to update the corresponding structural analysis models. Sesam allows for easy update of the analysis model for scenarios when there is an old data model or a new model. In both cases, the new digital twin model will be fit for use by a modern analysis tool allowing for more advanced methodologies to prove compliance with international design codes, fatigue life and reserve strength ratios. A key in life extension work is to keep track of the version changes and to share the data with key stakeholders. Sesam Insight is made for this as it allows for version handling of data and results and easy sharing of the data to ensure all stakeholders understand changes over time and have access to as-is data. The single data concept model as provided by Sesam is ideal in such sense, as it allows for changes of structure, properties, loads and environment over time.