LEAK - frequency modelling software

Easy-to-use, proven and efficient leak frequency modelling software for onshore and offshore installations and pipelines

Accurate leak frequency predictions are the cornerstone of risk assessment

LEAK contains industry recognized data for onshore and offshore installations and pipelines and is able to calculate leak frequencies on the component level up to the unit/plant level.

Why use LEAK?

Accuracy: With LEAK you gain access to a well-established, extensive and frequently updated database of leak frequency data for onshore and offshore pipelines. It includes IOGP’s (International Association of Oil & Gas Producers) assessments of:   

  • UK HSE’s Hydrocarbon Release Database (HCRD) 
  • Pipeline and Riser Loss of Containment (PARLOC) 
  • European Gas Pipeline Incident Data Group (EGIG)
  • Conservation of Clean Air and Water in Europe (CONCAWE) 

Consistency: Structured dataset ensures the same data is used across your risk assessments

Efficiency: Input your parts count and LEAK does the rest. No need to look up leak frequency data in reports and perform calculations in spreadsheets.

LEAK is also customizable, allowing you to define your own datasets, which could be other publicly available data or data specific to your organization.

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