Insights beyond analytics: empower your renewable portfolio

Maximize the financial return by optimizing the technical performance

Solar and wind park operators are always looking for insights into the behavior of their assets, aiming to maximize the financial return by improving the technical performance.

But attempting to monitor a mix of technologies can lead to a confusing and ineffective mix of tools. What is needed is a single software service which covers everything.

DNV meets that need with GPM Horizon, the world’s first data monitoring platform for integrated wind, solar and energy storage systems. GPM Horizon now includes WindGEMINI and SolarGEMINI: the most advanced analytics in the industry.

The perfect combination for your mixed portfolios
GPM Horizon collects and monitors the data, while WindGEMINI and SolarGEMINI analyze performance; yielding a range of insights from predictive maintenance to the forecast of long-term energy production. They include power curve analysis and warnings of underperformance to enable operators to maximize output from their solar and wind farms.

The long-term future is considered too: fatigue damage is modelled to help owners plan their life extension strategy.

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Main benefits:

  • A single interface for monitoring, reporting and analytics across technologies
  • An independent platform built on unrivalled experience from our energy experts
  • DNV’s extensive and long-standing domain experience in solar and wind technology including turbine design, over 100 GW of detailed analysis and GPM’s history of monitoring renewable assets totaling over 34 GW of installed capacity at more than 4,500 facilities around the world.

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GPM Horizon



Online multi-technology monitoring asset manager platform for mixed renewable portfolios that includes Solar, Storage and Wind capabilities in one tool.WindGEMINI and SolarGEMINI provide the most comprehensive solution for maximizing production, reducing costs and making data-driven decisions.

GPM Horizon main features:

  1. Technical monitoring platform
  2. CMMS functionalities (for O&M Roles)
  3. Asset management functionalities
  4. Flexible reporting
  5. Advanced KPI Builder
  6. Customizable interface.

WindGEMINI includes:

  1. Strategic analytics through DNV's digital twin, to determine the remaining useful life of major wind turbine components
  2. Predictive analytics to identify impending failures on drive train components
  3. Diagnostic analytics to identify wind turbine underperformance such as derating and pitch misalignment
  4. Waterfall chart explaining deviations from expected production.

SolarGEMINI includes:

  1. Waterfall chart explaining deviations from expected production
  2. Weather-adjusted Expected Energy
  3. Identification of inverter MPPT and tracker settings
  4. Quantification of Soiling Losses even without soiling sensors
  5. Availability Losses
  6. Grid Outage Losses
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