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Industry restructuring

Restructuring and liberalization involve a number of important reforms with far-reaching consequences for a country’s energy sector

These reforms cover a range of considerations:

  • the choice of the overall industry design
  • restructuring and unbundling of the industry
  • private sector participation
  • the regulatory and legal framework
  • the impact on security of supply, competition and market power.

DNV has taken a leading role in many major reform projects around the world. We have helped governments, regulators and utilities to assess different options and establish independent networks, pipelines, and system and market operators who are at the center of liberalized energy markets. Based on our broad scope of technical and organizational as well as economic and regulatory knowledge, we have assisted in the definition and implementation of the roles and functions of new institutions and market actors, and we have designed and implemented the required legal and contractual framework.

Our scope of services includes:

  • assessing and designing new industry and market structures
  • corporate restructuring and privatization
  • unbundling of production, transmission, distribution, and trading/supply activities
  • planning and establishment of system and market operators (transmission system operator, independent system operator, RTO, MO, PX)
  • contractual and legal market framework
  • development of PPAs and vesting contracts.