IHM – Inventory of Hazardous Materials and Ship Recycling

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IHM and ship recycling

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Stay compliant with DNV’s IHM and Ready for Recycling approval, verification and certification services

DNV, with experience gained from some 6000 vessels, review and verify the Inventory of Hazardous Material (IHM) reports with quality in mind. The main aim is to ensure that ships are compliant, thereby reducing customer risk of experiencing hassle with Port State Controls, which could even result in detention. 

DNV offers services for

  • IHM Part I approval and certification
  • IHM Manager software for IHM Maintenance
  • IHM Part II & III approval and Ready for Recycling certification

Details on the requirements of IHM, IHM maintenance and ship recycling can be found on our IHM and ship recycling topic page.

IHM Part I approval

We conduct IHM approval for both DNV and non-DNV classed vessels. Customers can contact DNV approved service suppliers for IHM preparation. The list of approved service suppliers for IHM is available in our Approval Finder

Once the IHM Part I report of a vessel is ready, customers who have access to the Fleet Status in our Veracity customer portal can submit their IHM reports to us for approval. Non-DNV customers can reach us through the "Contact our Experts" link.

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Remote Surveys for IHM Part I

IHM initial survey shall be conducted for the verification of approved IHM Report and issuance of IHM compliance declaration. 

A remote survey option may be possible depending on Flag authorizations. You can apply for remote survey through the customer portal. 

IHM Manager tool for IHM Maintenance

DNV’s IHM Manager tool is well proven by the industry. Our integrated tool support the IHM management through-out the lifetime of each vessel. IHMM is an easy-to-use, web based software solution for the maintenance of IHM documentation. 

By using IHMM, shipowners save significant time and money per ship for documenting IHM compliance, compared to a manual system. 

IHMM is available under customer portal under Fleet status, Vessel services. 

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Watch the IHM Manager video >>

Contact us:

IHM and ship recycling

Contact our IHM and ship recycling experts

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