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IEC 61850 and 104 protocol traffic capture

“Observer” IP-based traffic capture tool

In 2006, DNV implemented free capture traffic capture support tools for IEC 60870-5-104 and 61850 protocol analyzers. Our capture tool – “Observer” – can be used to capture IP-based traffic on a number of sites.

DNV’s “Observer” protocol traffic capture tool offers the following features:

  • capture IP based IEC protocol communications and store these in log files
  • cyclic buffering functionality, saving log files for example if specific and configurable situations occur (Link initialization, errors, etc.)
  • remove old log files in order to prevent running out of disc space. The trigger to remove old log files is configurable to for example: time, size of Log files, remaining disc space
  • display single line protocol communications, for expanding the frames a full version analyzer is necessary
  • configure the protocol parameters and capture filter settings
  • easy to install and does not require a hardlock key in order to function
  • runs on Windows 2000 and Windows XP The 2006 versions of UnIECom 104 and UniCA 61850 analyzers can open the log files stored by the Observer.

Current DNV clients just need to renew their Service Level Agreement (SLA) for the analyzer to enable this option. This system offers the advantages of an unlimited number of free capture tools “seats” can be used (for example each support and field engineer) and of only a limited number of the full version analyzers are necessary for the detailed automatic analysis.


IEC 60870-5-104 Observer v1.23.01

Download file


IEC 61850 Observer v4.13.01

Download file



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