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Grid quality monitoring

Determine your grid voltage in accordance with the EN 50160 standard.

Through our grid quality monitoring service, we offer the supervision and measurement of your grid voltage. Low voltage level can be monitored for power generating units such as wind turbines, solar-PV plants and (micro) combined heating and cooling plants.  Medium voltage level monitoring can be performed for power generating units and points of common coupling.

Measurement characteristics
The measurements are performed according to EN 50160 and include the following characteristics:

  • Means of voltage, current, power and frequency
  • Voltage flicker
  • Harmonics
  • Storage of transient events by trigger supervision

The measurement equipment can be controlled remotely allowing for continuous monitoring.

What we have to offer
With our long experience and advanced measurement and test equipment, we can perform grid analysis measurements accredited to ISO 17025 and in compliance with EN 50160. We are also able to perform under voltage ride through (UVRT) tests and can provide reports to support our customers during development and certification processes.