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Grid Code Compliance measurements

Performing power quality and electrical measurements in compliance with different national and international guidelines.

Integrating decentralized power generation units (PGU) like wind turbines, PV-systems, electrical storage or CHP and steam/gas turbine systems into an electrical network is a huge challenge. This requires a comprehensive knowledge of the behaviour and characteristics of the power plants in the grid. It is crucial to understand the impact of injected power to the grid as it relates to disturbances and behaviour of the normal working operations. It is important to understand all this to avoid damages and decreased profitability caused by misconfigured units.

We can offer you the following services:

  • Power Quality measurements
    With our mobile measurement equipment, we can determine the following characteristics:
    • Harmonics
    • Flicker
    • Voltage fluctuations
    • Asymmetry
Our measurement devices can be controlled remotely and we can provide you our measurement data online with our platform GridMonitor. Our measurement equipment is not only limited to renewable energies, it also can be used in industry surroundings (for searching faults or sources of disturbances) or in new segments like e-mobility (EV charging).
  • Post-commissioning services / commissioning tests
    We can support you during your commissioning phase and therefore can ensure that your renewable energy project is completed as agreed and operates as promised
  • Fault Ride Through Testing (FRT)
    Our experience with measurement and test equipment also allows us to perform Under and Over Voltage Ride Through (UVRT/OVRT) tests and reports to support our customers during development and certification processes. We run several mobile test units which can be shipped around the world, so that we can offer the measurements where you want.
  • Control capability
    With our measurement equipment, we can test if your wind-/solar farm or your plant complies with a grid code in regards of the control capability. We can measure functions like P and Q setpoint, Q(U), Q(P), P(f) and many more
  • Park controller testing
    With our mobile measurement device and our mobile Hardware in the Loop test bench we either can test your controller in a real project or can carry out a simulated testing environment for an efficient component certification program.

We can perform power quality and electrical measurements to ISO 17025 and in compliance with different national and international guidelines, such as the IEC 61400-21-1, FGW TR3 or IEEE 519.

List of flexible accredited services of GL Garrad Hassan Deutschland GmbH, Testing Laboratory no. PL-11134-01. The testing laboratory PL-11134-01 with its two locations is accredited for the flexible scope category 3. Download the list here.

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