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Combining power grid asset health expertise with cloud-based and data-driven applications can bring smarter asset management analytics to utilities and grid operators, delivering greater availability, reliability and safety of grid assets.

Grid analytics provide asset health monitoring and prediction

Grid Analytics KPI Connect offers a versatile and flexible smart asset management application to monitor operational performance and predict asset health. DNV’s data-driven application allows ingest of relevant asset data from various sources and utilizes Digital Twin techniques to detect anomalies and predict failures before they materialize. This allows users to take corrective actions on asset performance well before alarm limits are reached. 

Grid analytics provide asset performance insights

Asset performance insights provide visibility into performance of assets, real-time and online, allowing the user to detect and address performance shortfall at component or at aggregated asset level. Predictive grid analytics are applied to provide early warning of equipment problems, thus avoiding unplanned downtime and outages. This can improve the speed and quality of asset-related operational decisions at all levels. 

Veracity platform ecosystem

Releasing the full potential from digital technology requires a technology platform combined with internal capabilities to create business value. Grid Analytics KPI Connect is based on DNV’s cloud platform Veracity, which drives down the cost of innovation and collaboration as well as the cost of deploying new services and solutions. The platform provides secure connectivity between industry players, connecting asset owners and operators with domain experts and data scientists, enabling exchange of datasets, APIs, applications and insights.

A platform addressing common data challenges

Industrial organizations share common barriers to use their increasing amount of data for reliable and trustworthy analytics and automation. 

  • Data quality: ensure the data quality is good enough to base decisions on.
  • Incompatible data sets and data trapped in silos: combine your data with other data sets and get more value.
  • Ownership of asset data: keep control and ownership of my data.
  • Access control and sharing: control access to and sharing of your data.
  • Security: store and share your data securely.

Utilities are advancing from making generic- and experience-based decisions, towards making more situational and tailored decisions on asset performance management. This requires reliable information based on different data sources combined in a comprehensive and traceable manner. Increased transparency and insight secure better alignment and coordination across all levels, disciplines and partners.

Our solutions offer:

  1. Transparent and configurable asset health and risk models 
  2. Asset and vendor independence
  3. Development based on deep industry and asset understanding, combined with data science based on customer data
  4. Flexibility of solutions delivered in the cloud, flexible dashboards and insights on Veracity

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