Global Operations & Analytics Centre

Located in our Bangalore office in India, the Global Operations & Analytics Centre offers 24/7 monitoring and advanced performance and diagnostic features for renewables assets located anywhere in the world.

The digitalization of renewable energy assets is transforming asset management strategies from reactive to proactive. It is now possible to monitor and integrate vast amounts of asset data from which experts can derive impactful conclusions, predict failures before they happen and forecast performance for better planning and investment. 

For many asset owners, in-house monitoring centres may not be sustainable in terms of investment, hardware, manpower, and training in operations & management. The Global Operations & Analytics Centre, located in DNV’s Bangalore office, provides an independent and cost-effective alternative while leveraging DNV’s deep domain expertise and global experience to effectively monitor risk. 

Working in tandem with our operations control room located in Glasgow, UK, the centre provides 24/7 digital monitoring solutions including WindGEMINI, a digital twin for wind turbine monitoring, Forecaster, short-term energy forecasting for effective renewable asset management, and GPM Horizon, the world’s first data secure monitoring platform for integrated wind, solar and energy storage systems.

The fully-manned Global Operations & Analytics Centre covers: 

  • 24/7 remote asset monitoring
  • Performance & availability analysis
  • Predictive failure analysis
  • Power forecasting
  • Operations & maintenance (O&M) strategy assessment
  • Performance enhancement analysis

Our team of international experts at the Global Operations & Analytics Centre use data analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence to provide real-time diagnostics, prognostics and forecasts, as well as active asset control to optimize your asset operations. Our domain expertise in wind and solar operations means that our services can be customized to solve specific operational issues for your assets.

To address the rising need of flexibility solutions in a power system dominated by renewables, our Global Operations & Analytics Centre will soon introduce services which focus on emerging technology, such as energy storage and cyber security.

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Global Operations and Analytics Centre

Real-time diagnostics, prognostics and forecasts as well as active asset control to optimize asset operations.