GasVLe is a software package that calculates the properties of gases, liquids and dense fluids, including natural gas and natural gas liquids. GasVLe can also help simplify the calculation of Calorific Value (CV).

GasVLe gives you the energy

GasVLe can be used to generate thermodynamic data to predict phase behaviour and properties of both simple and complex hydrocarbon based mixtures over a wide range of temperatures and pressures. GasVLe has been developed for over 30 years and is used widely within the UK gas industry. It is available as an add-in for Microsoft Excel and can be integrated as an ActiveX control within your existing software.

GasVLe Release 6 is a software program containing a database of over 100 gas properties and calculations, for over 1,000 components of natural gas. GasVLe application offers natural gas property specialists a powerful and flexible tool that has been developed to make its most popular functions and calculations available in an easy-to-use format as an Excel add-in.

End-to-end solutions

As an ActiveX component, GasVLe Release 6 makes it easy to integrate with your other software applications. Simply tell us what gas property information you need and DNV can help you build end-to-end solutions for your gas flow management systems.

  • System Requirements for Excel Add-in: Any PC running MS Windows 95 or later with Microsoft® Excel 97 or later installed. (Windows 10 and Office 16 are supported).

  • System Requirements for ActiveX: Any PC running Microsoft Windows* 95 or later.

Once you have loaded GasVLe, it will appear as an extra item in the Excel menu bar. You can apply GasVLe calculations directly to data in Excel spreadsheets and output data into the same spreadsheet or elsewhere as desired, without the need to import and export files.

Try GasVLe for free

If you would like to see GasVLe in action first-hand, please download it here from the Veracity for a 21 day no obligation full product trial.

Find out more about the GasVLe app by visiting our digital marketplace on our Veracity platform

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