Gas network capacity management

Maintaining an efficient gas network with network capacity management

Capacity management is a key element of any oil and gas business. Network capacity management enables owners and operators to effectively determine currently available capacities, and to identify and generate changes or expansions within a network and its operation in line with market needs and changing regulations. 

It is a continuous challenge to keep a gas network fit-for-purpose in a changing market and regulatory environment. Due to spatial and environmental impact combined with high investment costs, changes to a gas network are neither easily nor swiftly implemented. 

DNV's capacity management services support network owners and operators in meeting customer needs efficiently while ensuring compliance to changing regulations. As an integral part of a company‚Äôs asset management process, capacity management provides a structured approach through which an organisation can create value from its assets by balancing conflicting cost/benefit interests. 

DNV is an independent third party, offering industry-leading services and software solutions for capacity management. Our competence is underpinned by decades of hands-on gas network management experience in developing and applying industry best practices. By understanding the impact of a technical decision on the business and the consequences of a business decision on technology requirements, we enable our customers to make smart decisions in a changing market and regulatory environment.  

Our network capacity management services can be characterized into three main areas:

  • Independent reviews of capacity management processes
  • Capacity management implementation support
  • Capacity management investigations.
Our combined knowledge of all aspects of the gas transmission systems enables us to offer a broad range of network capacity solutions, ranging from strategy development all the way to addressing specific technical challenges at the operational level.

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  Gas network capacity management

Gas network capacity management

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