Energy storage testing for defense applications

Building complete peace-of-mind that your battery and energy storage choices will deliver when it matters in any conditions

Defense applications pose a set of unique challenges to energy storage. In the field, defense personnel must be able to trust their equipment 100%. So a reliable and consistent power supply is essential. And that means having robust battery technologies and products that can withstand the harshest environments, most extreme temperatures and roughest treatment. Long life is also crucial – both the time between re-charges and absolute product longevity.  

Any technology, any environment
Rigorous testing of energy storage solutions lets you build faith that they are up to the job. This is the key objective at our BEST Test Center in Rochester, New York. A joint venture between DNV and  NY-BEST, this state-of-the-art facility combines over 250 years of energy storage experience with extensive testing capabilities. We can evaluate all current design chemistries with the same high quality test data. Our environmental chambers reproduce the extreme conditions of climates around the globe, with temperatures from -45 C to +85 C.

You can trust us, so they can trust you
Experts in testing and verification of quality requirements, DNV helps you make informed decisions on choosing BEST solutions you can trust. We provide independent performance, safety and compliance testing, and certification services to confirm batteries will meet the rigors of your intended application. With essential product testing and qualification at a reasonable cost, we help you ensure your batteries and energy storage systems will always be ready for action.

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