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Energy storage testing

DNV’s unrivalled heritage and service offering in energy storage testing help you maximize value and minimize risk for your energy storage project.

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Steve Jones

Business Line Director

In an emerging and rapidly developing field like energy storage, testing is vital to maximize value and minimize risk. DNV has an unrivaled global track record in testing and certification across the energy and renewables sector. That heritage extends to testing batteries and energy storage systems as well. For example, the BEST Test Center in Rochester, New York, has conducted over 5 million hours of battery cycle testing. 
BEST Test Center
BEST Test Center provides an extensive range of testing services covering performance and safety for batteries, controllers, power electronics and complete energy storage systems (ESS). We test on a wide range of scales, including batteries for electric vehicles (EVs), construction and material handling machines, remote off-grid power, small “behind-the-meter” applications (like residential storage systems), and large utility-scale energy storage systems. We also test across the range of chemistries and technologically maturity, ranging from new development or prototype cells, to cells that are mass produced and deployed in the millions.