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Energy efficiency programs for small businesses

Creating meaningful savings for 'Main Street'


Small businesses are a core part of our economic fabric but face constant challenges. With DNV’s Small Business energy efficiency programs utilities can be the go to partner for small business customers who want to reduce energy usage and save money. Designed to quickly and efficiently penetrate markets, our programs are potent tools to make inroads with small businesses --who can be some of the hardest-to-reach customers. When partnered with their utility and DNV, small businesses can experience up to a 40% reduction in annual kWh usage. 


Why It Matters


DNV’s Small Business programs have helped more than 600 small business customers across the Pacific Northwest alone upgrade their inefficient systems to Energy Star and DLC-rated lighting, equipment, and technology. Aside from enhancing comfort, increasing lighting coverage, and reducing energy bills, DNV’s Small Business programs have helped utilities unlock insights that can lead to smart, data-driven scaling of future programs and offerings for small business customers. 


How It Works


The engine behind DNV’s small business program is a geo-targeted outreach strategy that uses peak load data analytics and key field insights to identify customers that can benefit the most from energy savings measures. Eligible customers receive free, in-person energy assessments that focus on maximizing energy savings opportunities. Shortly after the assessment, the small business owners receive on-site proposals that details the benefits of the project, should they move forward.   The program can also pair customers with the contractor best suited for their project, whether it be lighting, equipment, or other technology. saving entrepreneurs time by eliminating the challenge of vetting contractors, receiving bids, and determining the right installer for the project. 


The Impact

While the market offers numerous energy efficiency programs for medium and large-scale commercial and industrial customers, Small Business energy-efficiency programs with DNV can have an outsized impact for  customers who often lack the resources to invest in energy saving technologies. Not only can your utility better serve small business, but it also opens a pathway to accumulating insights like customer satisfaction ratings in your hardest-to-serve market(s).

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