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Electric grid reliability and performance

Software for asset performance management, reliability, regulatory compliance, grid analysis and planning

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Electricity and utility software

Unique opportunities and challenges face today's energy companies. As utilities navigate these changes, they need a trusted technology and advisory partner. DNV provides the systems and expertise to help utilities integrate new technologies, meet regulatory reqsuirements and plan for the future. We understand the energy business and take a broader view in helping energy utilities enhance their grid reliability, system planning processes and the performance of their most critical assets.

Technical asset management

Modern energy utilities face many challenges: ageing infrastructure, system reliability and increased regulatory commitments are among the most pressing. The latest technology helps manage, monitor, and maintain their complex and vital systems.

Focused business framework

In order for utilities to achieve business objectives and succeed, they need a focused business framework based on verified and current data, one that can quickly provide decision support required to manage risk, increase reliability or meet regulatory requirements.

Facility ratings management

Calculating accurate facility ratings is an intensely detailed and critical process for electrical utilities. Accurate facility ratings are a vital component of operating a reliable grid and establishing safe system operating limits.

Dedicated enterprise facility ratings

Historically, utilities have employed spreadsheets, access databases or in-house solutions to manage their facility ratings. These solutions have limitations when it comes to security, enterprise data management and costs. That is why we built the Cascade Facility Ratings management system, the industry's first dedicated enterprise facility ratings tool.

Distribution analysis and optimization

The electric distribution grid has become increasingly complex in recent years, with technical advances in distributed energy resources, grid automation, demand side management, smart meters and VAR control devices. Effective modelling of these complexities requires an intuitive software solution that can adapt to ever-increasing technical advances, with a high tolerance for less than perfect data.

Power engineers play a critical role in making CAPEX and OPEX decisions while considering risk, reliability, system performance and cost.  Synergi Electric provides a comprehensive set of tools to support these business critical decisions, all in a single model.