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Drone surveys – the safer and smarter way

Use DNV drone-assisted tank surveys and profit from more flexibility, reduced costs and enhanced safety.

Many structures are difficult to assess and survey, such as inside ballast and cargo tanks. Surveys of such structures can be time-consuming and costs can run high. The safety of the people involved is also an issue. 

Taking advantage of new digital tools and processes, DNV has incorporated drone surveys into class services. We offer drone-assisted surveys to assess the structure of and coating inside:

  • Ballast and cargo tanks
  • Cargo holds
  • Jack-up legs
  • Structural components of maritime and offshore installations

How drone surveys from DNV work

Two specially trained DNV class surveyors and a drone equipped with a high definition camera work together to carry out the surveys. Even in dark, enclosed spaces, the area under inspection can be illuminated to capture high-resolution images.

Drone surveys are carried out in real-time, with one surveyor operating the drone and the second remotely monitoring the recording on a tablet. It is possible to re-examine particular details on the recording, e.g. through enlarging a specific location on the screen. 

In the event that damage is detected via the recording, a traditional close-up survey may still be required.

Benefits with drone surveys from DNV:

  • Survey preparation time is significantly reduced, allowing surveys to be carried out on short notice
  • Staging is no longer required
  • Rafting is eliminated
  • There is no damage caused to tank coatings
  • Safety improves for surveyors, the ship’s crew and other stakeholders

Downloads and related press releases

  Drone surveys flyer

Drone surveys flyer

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