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DNV MEDCERT Lists of Consultants

In the lists of consultants, you find companies specialised in establishing and implementing of company-specific quality management systems and technical documentation by country/region.

Please note that the organizations included in the lists below are known to DNV MEDCERT from its work as certification organization and Notified Body. DNV MEDCERT itself does not offer any consultancy; its services are not offered as linked with the activities of organizations that provide consultancy on product and/or management systems certified by DNV MEDCERT. 

The publication of organizations listed here does not imply that DNV MEDCERT certification would be simpler, easier,faster or less expensive if any organization mentioned here were used. Any link or statement by any consultancy organization, or by any organization mentioned here, that a certification would be simpler, easier, faster or less expensive if DNV MEDCERT were used, is incorrect. 

DNV MEDCERT is not committed in any way towards any consultant, or any organization mentioned here, and vice versa.

Lists of Consultants


List of Consultant companies in China


List of Consultant companies in Germany


List of Consultant companies in Israel


List of Consultant companies in Malaysia


List of Consultant companies in the US