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Cyber Arena

Hands-on OT Cyber Security Training for Critical Infrastructure

The need to secure our critical infrastructure has never been higher. Significant skills shortages and unique challenges to securing energy infrastructure further complicate the issue. Traditional training falls short of preparing teams for real-world scenarios. Hands-on, realistic training that builds on theory and is focused on energy infrastructure provides the practical skills necessary to protect and defend against threats in an ever-evolving landscape.

Training for the whole team!

Cyber resilience is not just the responsibility of the security teams. Effective cyber security requires an integrated approach that includes all departments across the organization. From legal staff drafting contracts that cover third party risks to experienced professionals in one of the various security teams. Each team member plays a role in ensuring critical systems are cyber secure. Therefore, all relevant staff needs to be trained to different levels of understanding and working with cyber security threats and responses. All teams will require training as one important element to comply to country regulations, such as the NIS2 Directive in Europe.

Course Overview

The Cyber Arena by DNV includes courses for staff of all levels, from beginners and non-technical staff to experienced cyber security professionals. Initial course offerings include:

  • Introduction to OT Cyber Security: A one-day crash course in cyber security for complete beginners. This course introduces the fundamental concepts of security, the consequences of a successful attack on critical infrastructure and how each member of the organization has a role to play in cyber security.
  • OT Cyber Strategy for Managers: A two-day course for managers with prior experience in cyber security or have previously attended the OT Cyber Security Awareness Training. Learn about the various regulations in Europe, applicable standards and norms, basics of risk assessment and mitigations, and other relevant topics. Be prepared to respond in the event of an attack through role-playing scenarios.
  • OT Cyber Security Essentials for Technical Staff: A four-day extensive training that goes into the details of key OT cyber security topics. Theory is coupled with several individual exercises and the course finishes with a team event where participants detect and stop a live cyber-attack. This course is perfect for individuals new to OT cyber security, engineers and network architects who directly influence the security of the infrastructure, or even experienced security practitioners looking to better understand the big picture.

Future individual advanced skills courses are also planned and may include Security Operations Essentials, Incident Response Essentials, Network Security, Secure Software Development, and Intro to Forensic Analysis.

Customized training solutions are available on demand.

Learn by doing through hands-on training

The hands-on training includes both individual exercises as well as the team live cyber-attack scenario. Exercises include activities such as network traffic analysis, basic forensics, malware analysis and more. There are also multiple live attack scenarios available, where participants work as a team to detect and then respond to a remote red team hacker.

Staying ahead of the curve!

The energy infrastructure is under unprecedented transformation. The drive for a greener, more efficient, and reliable infrastructure requires increased automation and communication. This results in massive amounts of data, exchanged in real-time between multiple shareholders and their systems. To meet this demand, more smart technologies are integrated which increases the potential attack surface. This is happening at a time of increasing regulatory pressure aiming to combat the simultaneous increase in frequency and sophistication of cyber-attacks on critical infrastructure. The cyber resilience of our most critical infrastructure is a moving target, and we need to stay a step ahead of the threats.