Continued operation of wind turbines

Extend the lifetime of your turbines and drive down the cost of energy with DNV’s certification services for continued operation of wind turbines.

With typical operational lifetimes of 20 years, some wind turbines will soon be reaching the end of their predicted lives. Rather than replace these turbines, you can increase their operational lives – and cutting the cost of wind energy.

We help you extend the assumed lifespan of your turbine. Our certification services for continued operation of wind turbines help you find the right solutions for your specific circumstances from a technical point of view, making your turbine fit to operate for more than the expected 20 years.

Assessing wind turbines for continued operation is a complex engineering task. Drawing on global resources, our experienced experts assess your turbine’s operational fortitude with due regard for the special features of each individual installation.

Tailored certification approach

Using the latest commercial and in-house tools for simulation and analysis, we tailor our certification services to your specific project and requirements. Our certification process offers you a choice of two ‘pathways’ – assessment through renewed calculation or through inspection. The two pathways can be combined, giving you the best of both worlds.

  Lifetime extension of wind turbines

Lifetime extension of wind turbines

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What we do

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