Competitive and retail energy markets services

Expand the new frontiers through strategic energy market consulting and in-depth content

Sellers of energy face rapidly changing technology, market, and regulatory environments in both openly competitive and regulated markets. Understanding how those currents are flowing and knowing how they could change in the future is critical to energy market participants for developing and executing strategies that will help them to thrive in this competitive landscape.

DNV supports its clients by expanding the new frontiers of competitive energy through strategic energy market consulting and delivery of in-depth content.


Competitive and retail energy market advisory services

Leveraging its experience, knowledge and capabilities in energy markets and technologies, DNV helps its clients tackle strategic decisions about:

  • Acquisition due diligence and strategy – understand what you are buying, and which are the best companies to target
  • Market assessment – market sizing, identifying market potential, capturing growth opportunities and competitive threats, creating go-to-market and product strategies
  • Policy and regulatory analysis - review of state, federal programs & incentives, including impact on products and services adoption (e.g., demand response, solar, thermal, energy storage)
  • Wholesale and retail renewable generation trends and impacts

Competitive Energy Market (CEM) service

DNV’s CEM service keeps market players up to date on who is winning the market share battle, which products and services are being offered, where customers are choosing competitive supply, as well as forecasts of market activity and opportunities in key markets. CEM clients gain intelligible insight into developments in electricity and natural gas markets, such as the retail energy market outlook, current competitive landscape, and sales strategies driving competitive markets.

The CEM service is an annual subscription of three to four annual reports, delivered during the year. All of this is delivered via DNV’s data platform and industry ecosystem, Veracity.

To learn more about DNV’s CEM service, please download our service prospectus from the below link and read more here.

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