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We will provide you with proof of class declaration for your DNV-classed ship or MOU for any given time, whenever you need it.

Your DNV-classed ship requires an official document to certify its class status – whether you need to prove compliance with class requirements, want to sell your ship or lead negotiations with insurance companies.

We provide the official document to certify that your DNV-classed vessel is or has been in class and that it meets or met the class requirements at a given time or period of time.

The class declaration is normally a self-contained statement, but may include copies of survey reports and certificates.

We offer a series of standard class declarations:

  • Sale declarations
  • Insurance declarations
  • Register declarations
  • Oil major declarations
  • Newbuilding declarations
  • Unmanned machinery space (E0) declarations
  • Segregated Ballast Tanks (SBT) declarations
  • Age declarations

We also issue other types of declarations on request.

Reasons for requesting your DNV class declaration include:

  • Confirm to a prospective buyer that the conditions stipulated in the contract have been met
  • Confirm to a third party that your vessel is classed and that it meets the class requirements
  • In cases of accidents, demonstrate to the insurance company that your vessel met the class requirements at the time of the damage

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  • Choose from various class declaration options to meet your needs
  • Get a reliable, accurate class declaration for any given time

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