Certification of maritime simulator systems

We verify that your simulator system complies with STCW 78 as amended and our DNV-ST-0033 Maritime Simulator Systems standard.

The STCW (Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping) convention requires the approval of simulators when used for mandatory simulator-based training or when used as a means to demonstrate competence.

The purpose of the DNV standard is to ensure that the simulations provided by the simulator achieve an appropriate level of physical and behavioural realism. This is necessary for meeting recognised training and assessment objectives.

When in compliance with the DNV-ST-0033 Maritime Simulator Systems standard, a manufacturer may receive a Statement of Compliance once our experts have assessed and approved the design and performance of the simulator. 

In equal measure, simulator centres or other parties who use simulators to meet defined objectives may apply for product certification to demonstrate that their installation meets the requirements.

Our certification of maritime simulator systems applies to:

  • Manufacturers offering a simulator for examination or mandatory simulator training, and who would like to document the suitability of the simulator to the buyer
  • Organisations using a simulator for examination
  • Organisations using a simulator for mandatory simulator training
  • Organisations in the process of buying or installing a new simulator for examination or mandatory simulator training

Benefits from our reputable maritime simulator systems standard: 

  • Ensure that your simulations provide the relevant level of physical and behavioural realism in accordance with recognised training and assessment objectives
  • Show that you have properly installed and configured simulator equipment
  • Prove that your simulator systems used for mandatory training or assessment conform to international requirements

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