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Audit – Guideline for Offshore Diving

This guideline was developed by DNV in collaboration with other experts to improve offshore diving safety in Germany.

Working underwater in the challenging and dynamic offshore industry has its own unique set of risks involved. There are aspects that should be kept in mind when working in this complex environment.

Many factors – including the varying environmental conditions, different diving platforms, changing operational scenarios and interactions between other offshore entities – result in a complex and dynamic working environment. Which is why this guidelines aims to aid planners, clients, health and safety protection coordinators, supervisory authorities, diving companies, expert assessors, insurers and other parties involved.

Offshore diving audit according to the guidelines by DNV

Before carrying out a planned diving operation in German territorial waters and the German Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ), compliance with the requirements of the Guideline for Offshore Diving shall be proven by means of an audit.

To be audited and certified against the Guideline for Offshore Diving, you need to be shown to comply with the requirements of the standard. We are an accredited third-party certification body and will guide your organization through the process.

With DNV, you can rely on competent auditing:

  • Accredited third-party certification
  • Competent and reliable guidance from DNV experts
  • Professional procedures and handling
  • Smooth and efficient auditing process

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