Safety 4.0

Demonstrating safety of novel subsea technologies

The primary objective of the Safety 4.0 project is to develop a framework (work-processes, methods and tools) for standardized demonstration of safety for novel subsea technologies, applicable to and tested on a number of industry-relevant use cases.

Safety 4.0

Safety 4.0 is a research project that will enable faster demonstration of safety for novel subsea solutions by introducing new safety philosophies, more integrated solutions, and advanced use of sensor data and data analytics.

Safety 4.0 will develop a new safety demonstration framework:

  • modular, facilitating reuse of safety arguments
  • risk-based, addressing safety from a systemic and life cycle perspective
  • based on relevant use cases, developed together with the industry partners

Subsea technology is important for development of Norwegian petroleum resources and represents a large export industry for Norway. It is expected that 68 out of 88 discoveries on the Norwegian Continental Shelf will be developed with a subsea solution. Driven by the need for cost-reductions, novel subsea concepts and technologies emerge, such as all-electric, new subsea processing technologies, more integration between topside and subsea control systems or between process control and process safety systems, more use of sensors to monitor process condition and integrity of safety systems, etc.

Norwegian HSE regulations, based on functional requirements, accommodate and promote innovation that can enhance safety. However, safety of novel subsea technologies may be cumbersome to demonstrate, because current standards may be difficult to apply and less accommodating to novel concepts.

This project addresses the need for a common framework and approach that can properly demonstrate safety for new technologies that deviate from current practices. It will support novel concepts with high level of digitalization which have the potential to improve safety, even when it challenges existing practices.

The project brings together safety and subsea experts from the regulator, oil & gas industry, and two of Norway's leading academic research groups on safety, to ensure alignment with industry- and regulator needs and a sound scientific basis.

The support by the PETROMAKS2 program will bring additionality by funding a PhD and a post doc., and enable the industry to collaborate on a topic no individual company would be able to carry alone.

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Tore Myhrvold

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