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Electrifying the future

Unlocking the third generation of wind power and living the future today with smart grids

Our reliance on electricity means that we expect it to be available on demand. At the same time we want to cut greenhouse gas emissions drastically. Electrifying the future is about unlocking the third generation of wind power and living the future today with smart grids.

Serving the world's growing electricity needs while reducing greenhouse gas emissions is no fairy tale. This can be the new reality when we develop and enable power generation by a balanced mix of renewable energy sources.

Electricity is already revolutionising the way we power our operations, fuel our vehicles, and light and heat our buildings – and it will have an even bigger role to play in the decades to come. Many emerging technologies can provide cleaner, smarter, affordable and reliable energy. Floating offshore wind can provide emissions-free power at scale by 2050. And a suite of smart grid technologies will enable households and communities to participate in leaner, more local power systems. In this theme, we take a closer look at these technologies, and examine the contributions they can make to providing low-carbon power to future generations.

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  • Europe's energy policy
  • Third generation wind power
  • Smart energy systems
  • Japan's energy trilemma

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