Low carbon

Objective: To position DNV at the forefront of risk-based and model-centric services on system level.
Low carbon

We will focus on three main themes:

  • Subsea System Qualification 
  • Virtual System Testing
  • Real-time Risk Management

The “Subsea System Qualification” project will work towards developing a standardized system qualification approach and development of more effective digital methods for system qualification and evidence provision. This will enable companies to leverage on each other’s qualification efforts and results, and reduce the overall development time and cost associated with errors in late phase system testing resulting in potential re-work or design re-iteration.

The “Virtual System Testing” project will consider how adaptive virtual testing may be used to rationalize and guide the physical testing (and potentially replace physical tests with virtual tests) – without compromising on quality and confidence compared to current state-of-the-art practice. The approach aims to include data-smart design of experiments and testing, use of simulation capabilities, and re-use of already conducted qualification efforts by other stakeholders.

The “Real-time risk management” will develop the Probabilistic Twin, a forecasting tool to support effective risk management in operations. This requires integration of physical and probabilistic models with sensor data and application of data analytics.


Frank Børre Pedersen

Programme Director, Future of Digital Assurance, Group Research and Development

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