Transition Faster Together: Setting the scene

Solutions, strategies and policies for a clean energy future

There is no silver bullet to help us close the gap between our most likely forecast of 2.4°C down to 1.5°C. At DNV, we do believe however that a combination of measures can get us there. In this report, we outline the 10 measures identified in our 2019 edition of the Energy Transition Outlook Power, Supply & Use report and seek actions and solutions for how to accelerate the energy transition. We must tackle at least three fronts simultaneously: we need to adopt renewables at scale and at speed; we need to invest in our power grids ensuring they are fit for the future; and we need to boost the adoption of energy efficiency.

This report, the first in our Transition Faster Together series, outlines the energy transition challenge we face and what we need in terms of solutions, strategies and policies in renewables, power grids and energy management to help accelerate the transition.

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