Gulf of Maine Whitepaper

An overview of the challenges, opportunities, and technical aspects for developing offshore wind projects.

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The Gulf of Maine’s deep waters will require the use of floating foundations to support offshore wind turbines, positioning Maine as a leader in the development and deployment of floating offshore wind in North America. Maine’s abundant coastline, homogeneous bathymetry and water depth ranges, and high average wind speeds make it an ideal region for offshore wind project development, while the State’s established maritime industry and existing port capabilities preclude the need for these infrastructure improvements.

For companies seeking success in Maine’s upcoming offshore wind auction, DNV tapped into our 125 years of global experience in energy project support bolstered by our United States and Maine-specific expertise, to identify permitting and opportunities and challenges.

DNV is committed to accelerating the development of the Energy Transition through offshore wind, providing advisory services and support to global wind projects, and over 80% of offshore wind projects within the United States.