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Ensuring accurate forecast and energy production with data-driven digital solutions

Forecaster and GreenPowerMonitor's asset monitoring solutions assist you to meet EVN’s Directive 67 requirements

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Directive 67 by EVN requires wind farm and solar farm operators to supply accurate production and capacity forecasts from the 10th of August 2021.
This requirement necessitates a good understanding of operational performance and future power predictions and they will become critical to participation in the EVN network. Automating the forecast submission process as part of an asset monitoring tool will ensure compliance and efficient workflow.
Non-compliance with forecast accuracy requirements may incur penalties with future regulatory developments, as is common in other electricity markets with a high penetration of renewables. Non-compliance could thus have a significant impact on wind or solar projects’ income stream, reducing financial returns in the long-term.
To assist stakeholders in the Vietnamese market to adapt to these new developments, DNV is promoting specific services: DNV Forecaster and GreenPowerMonitor's (GPM) asset monitoring solutions, that can assist customers meet both EVN’s requirements via automated processes, as well as internal stakeholder reporting and monitoring requirements.
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