Differentiating Gas Leaks from Normal Appliance Use

Modernising Energy Data Applications, Phase 1

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DNV has carried out an investigation into potential uses for smart gas meter data as part of Phase 1 of the Modernising Energy Data Applications competition, as funded by UK Research & Innovation. In particular, a series of calculations has been carried out to investigate the possibility of differentiating accidental gas leaks from normal appliance use in domestic properties. This is primarily with the aim of preventing explosions, but the detection of leaks also has environmental and financial benefits.

This report concerns potential releases from pipework, equipment and appliances downstream of the Emergency Control Valve (ECV) within a domestic property. A series of gas outflow and accumulation calculations are carried out for accidental leaks. The outflow rates are compared with gas use of appliances under normal operation and considered in the context of typical smart gas meter output in order to determine which leaks could potentially be identified.