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AI Insights: Rising to the challenge across the UK energy system

The rise of AI has brought new attention to the opportunities and risks presented by using machines to make decisions. Discover how AI can transform the UK energy system and recognize the challenges that must be overcome to realize its potential

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Recent global events have tested the UK energy system’s ability to balance sustainability, security, and affordability. Looking forward, we must innovate to overcome recurring and future challenges posed by the transitioning landscape.

The rise of AI (artificial intelligence) is perhaps well-timed. Could it be the disruptive technology that is needed for a successful energy transition?

DNV has interviewed key organizations from across the UK energy sector to understand what AI means for the future energy system. It is clear that AI solutions are already here, sparking imagination and reinvigorating the art of the possible. The recent breakthroughs of emergent AI technologies, such as large language models, are only the beginning. However, there is a trust gap between technology claims and reality – yet a growing readiness to experiment and collaborate. The energy transition demands it.