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Solar sunrise in the Nordics?

In this 1-hour panel discussion we deep-dived into this topic and looked at it from a day-to-day business perspective.

DNV’s Energy Transition Outlook report stated that “The growth of solar PV has been nothing short of astonishing.” Moving from 1 GW in 2004 to a staggering 250 GW of newly installed solar PV capacity in 2022, the technology has clearly become a winner within the energy transition. This growth is based on compelling economics, with module costs continuing to reduce, making solar PV the unrivalled contender for the cheapest new electricity source globally.

The actual development will of course differ per market. Europe, with its world-leading decarbonization agenda and supportive solar policies, will witness solar surpassing fossil-fuel electricity generation by 2030. However, what will this development look like in the Nordics? How will the market for solar develop and which opportunities may be revealed as the energy transition gains traction?

Several Nordic-based developers have presented GW+ pipelines and it’s clear that the market is ramping up. What are the driving factors for this? Which role will solar play in the Nordics? How do we manage potential low irradiation in the more northern latitudes? What about snow and ice on the panels? Or the bottlenecks that we have faced in more southern regions, such as grid congestion and supply chain?

DNV Group President and CEO, Remi Eriksen, will set the scene and introduce the topic of Solar in the Nordics.

Our panel will provide insights from diverse perspectives, skills, experiences and backgrounds, featuring:

  • Kari Skeidsvoll Moe, EVP Growth Renewables, Aneo
  • Justin FitzHugh, Head of Energy Transition Investment Banking
  • Mats Rinaldo, Deputy Director Energy Transition, DNV
  • Martijn Maandag, Director Due Diligence, DNV