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The rise of hybrid power

Webinar about considerations and challenges in the hybridization of wind and solar projects

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The reduction of emissions and progress towards the decarbonization of energy are two fundamental objectives to safeguard the planet. To achieve this, the combination of the most competitive forms of renewable energy (such as wind and solar PV) in hybrid installations, that can be complemented with storage systems, can be an effective solution for increasing power system efficiency and ensuring a greater balance in the energy supply.

Webinar outline and speakers

DNV to present in a one-hour webinar the main considerations and challenges in the hybridization of wind and solar projects, including the following topics.

Hybridization modeling
Hybrid systems are increasingly seen as the solution to reduce intermittency of energy and maximize the use of grid connection points, especially at locations where good complementarity of different renewable sources is observed. For a better performance, hybrid systems can be optimized for a specific location through modelling.
Speaker: Sergio Jimenez Sanjuan, Senior Data Scientist, Renewables Advisory

Coupling storage
Battery Energy Storage Systems are often coupled with hybrid systems to improve overall system efficiency, by storing any curtailed power, arbitrage with the grid and provide ancillary services.
Speaker: Jules Smeets, Team Leader, Energy Storage

Future price scenarios and PPAs
What will hybridization mean for PPAs? How are future price scenarios predicted?
Speaker: By Olivier Potart, Head of Power Price Forecasting at DNV

Considerations for funding hybrid projects
What nuances and specific factors need to be considered when funding hybrid projects on a limited recourse basis?
Speaker: Daniel Zinman, Rand Merchant Bank