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Streamlining CO2 storage development

Listen to our CCUS experts share their experience of CO2 sequestration development

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The IEA has consistently highlighted the essential role of Carbon Capture Utilization and Storage (CCUS) technology in the achievement of Net Zero. There are a number of hard to abate emissions sources that today have no alternative to the use of CCUS in order to decarbonize.

Fundamental to the deployment of Carbon Capture and Storage is the availability of suitable geological sequestration sites. It is well understood that there is sufficient storage volume, but the process of appraising and developing storage sites can take several years. At a time when there is growing recognition of the urgency to deploy CCS, industry and government are increasingly considering how we can accelerate storage development whilst still ensuring the highest level of confidence in safety and operational performance.


  • Lessons learned from 20 years of CCS in Europe
  • Key considerations where developing storage sites for CO2
  • Means to accelerate the development of CO2 storage sites
  • Storage site certification and how it reduces risk.

Featured speakers:

  • Amanda Raddatz Bopp, Principal Geoscientist, DNV USA
  • Elizabeth Mackie, Principal Geoscientist, DNV Netherlands
  • Jamie Burrows, Head of Business Development - CCUS, DNV UK.