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Surviving and thriving in the solar M&A market

Solar Leadership Webinar Series

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The solar M&A market is exploding as both development pipelines and operating portfolios are being sold to investors, ranging from private equity to infrastructure funds to international investors. The increase in competition in the solar M&A market has made winning bids - without losing your shirt - more and more difficult.

Our panel of leading experts discussed the data and strategies being implemented to facilitate successful solar M&A investments for our customers. The discussion focused on implementing a time and capital efficient approach to refining both the revenue and cost assumptions in a transaction.


  • Taylor Geer - Director, Renewables M&A Advisory
  • Vineet Parkhe - Senior Project Manager, Renewables M&A Advisory 
  • Monique Dyers - Senior Project Manager, Renewables M&A Advisory
  • Dana Olson, Global Solar Segment Leader