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Offshore wind energy assessment validation: What to expect in North America

See a presentation of the industry's most comprehensive offshore wind energy assessment validation results

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The expected energy production from a wind farm is a key input into many aspects of a wind project’s lifecycle. DNV has been producing Energy Production Assessments (“EPAs”) of proposed wind farms for more than 35 years and has developed a well-defined methodology that is continually updated as new research and information becomes available. Validations serve a dual purpose in that they provide both a feedback loop used to direct methodology improvements, while simultaneously providing the industry with valuable insights into the levels of accuracy achieved by DNV’s current best practice.

In this webinar, DNV presents the industry’s most comprehensive offshore energy assessment validation results with more than 11 wind farms and more than 59 years of operational data available from projects in North, Irish and Baltic seas. We will summarize the validation exercise undertaken and introduce specific recommendations for larger U.S. projects that will benefit from high-fidelity turbine interaction models that mitigate risks for offshore wind farm energy assessments.


  • Onur Kaprol, Director, Wind Energy Assessments, DNV


  • Ben Williams, Principal Engineer, DNV
  • Elizabeth Traiger, Team Leader, DNV
  • Leonardo Barriatto, CFD Product Manager, DNV
  • Christiane Montavon – Principal CFD Expert, DNV