Moving beyond grid reliability: How Alliander optimized operations with real-time cable monitoring

In our electrified world, increasing demand strains distribution networks, raising the risk of cable failures and congestion. So how can you prevent outages, maintain grid reliability and optimize the operation of critical infrastructure? Watch this on-demand webinar, hosted by Sander Janssen, Business Director of DNV’s Smart Cable Guard and delve deeper into the world of real-time cable monitoring.

Alliander implemented real-time cable monitoring in 15% of their distribution cables. In 2022, this resulted in a SAIDI reduction of 2.14 minutes. Denny Harmsen, Consultant Innovation System Operations at Alliander (NL), shares insights into this project and explains how to leverage real-time cable monitoring to optimize maintenance strategies and prioritize resources effectively.

“One of our strategic pillars is excellent grid management by utilizing existing assets. Implementing Smart Cable Guard was the foundation to enable us to implement meshed operations and other innovative operational management concepts.”

Denny Harmsen, Alliander

A comprehensive explanation of real-time cable monitoring is provided by Paul Wagenaars, Product Manager at Smart Cable Guard. He guides you through the technology behind accurate fault and weak spot location. The presentation delves into the utilization of machine learning and artificial intelligence in assessing the criticality of emerging weak spots. Additionally, the importance of cable temperature measurement in optimizing grid capacity is discussed.

If you are a utility seeking cost-effective strategies to uphold grid reliability for critical infrastructure in an era of growing demand, this webinar is for you.


Consultant Innovation System Operations at Alliander (NL)Denny Harmsen holds a degree in energy engineering and embarked on a career journey at the former Nuon Technical Company, now Alliander, as a Technical Trainee. Over the course of 27 years, he has taken on various roles, pioneering innovations in component and measurement technology. Possessing intimate knowledge of energy infrastructure, he adeptly connects theory and daily practice, this allows him to identify and integrate proven technology into (Al)liander effectively. Denny believes that ingenuity lies within simplicity. He fosters connections and progression across operational, tactical, and strategic realms. 

Paul Wagenaars, Product Manager at Smart Cable Guard, DNVPaul Wagenaars earned his M.Sc. degree in electrical engineering from Eindhoven University of Technology, in the Netherlands, in 2004, followed by his Ph.D. in 2010. His doctoral research focused on the online partial-discharge monitoring of medium-voltage cable systems. Subsequently, he became a specialist in power cable technology at KEMA (now DNV). Currently, Paul holds the position of Product Manager for Smart Cable Guard, overseeing its continuous development and enhancement.


  1. Welcome
  2. The growing importance of reliable distribution networks
  3. Alliander's success story
    Implementing real-time cable monitoring
    Leveraging data analytics to optimize maintenance strategies 
    Results: Faults located, weak spots detected, SAIDI reduction, grid capacity 
  4. Technology
    Real-time partial discharge (PD) and fault location
    Weak spot classification with machine learning & AI
    Temperature measurement
  5. Q&A

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